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Our mission is to support seniors in their golden years, to help them live healthier, happier, longer, more of filling lives. We believe -- and it has been confirmed through our research that those who are not exposed to caring for or working with seniors will possess less knowledge about elderly patients and are therefore less prepared to meet their needs.

Hence, we have developed a collabrative education platform and are upskilling medical professional in the subjects of geriatrics, assisted living technology and aging disorders.

Our approach

The 4 steps to effectively manage the lifecycle needs of seniors:

  • Engagement
  • On Demand Care and Marketplace for senior needs covering Lifestyle, Medication, Nutrition/Wellness
  • Transportation
  • Mobility

Our Offerings


Healthygx offers Caregiver Services, Transportation Services, Nutrition, Tele-Counselling and Consultation and Second Opinions by Specialists. Support services, Geriatric Training and Certification. Market place for senior needs that focuses on Healthy lifecycle of the happy aging Senior’s during their precious years. for an affordable monthly subscription fee a platform of services will be provided. Add - on services are available, based - on - assessment and need.



Senior citizens wanting to avail the services will have to subscribe and pay monthly subscription fees

Add on services based on assessment

On Demand Care


Care giver services Transportation services Second opinions



Market place for Senior needs

Engagement – Life cycle solutions


Patient engagement services are essential for achieving the three-layered aim of health care: improving quality, providing a better patient experience and reducing the cost of care.


Engage Patients

Care is determined by a proactive plan to meet health needs, with or without visits


Improve Outcomes

We measure our quality with analytics and make rapid changes to improve it


Control Costs

Care is standardized according to evidence based guidelines and advanced cognitive systems.

Our engagement services are designed to meet the new standards for quality improvement in healthcare

  • Assisting patients and caregivers in understanding patient’s condition, their medications and managing their appointment schedules
  • Sending reminders and notifications regarding medication dosage and appointments along with ‘virtual’ and live coaching and counselling services
  • Collecting patients-entered and device-supplied data to create a unified patient record for analysis and reporting
  • Support regarding medication, nutrition plan, psychologist consultation, physiotherapist consultation
  • Engaging the patients social media, educational materials and uploading blogs
  • Nurses & doctor visiting patients home monthly
  • Wellness and lifestyle consultation

On Demand Senior Care

  • Consultations
  • Clinic Visits
  • Homecare
  • Pharmacy
  • Hospitalization
  • Transportation
  • Rehab
  • Senior care at Assisted Living/ Old Age Homes

HealthyGx Difference

  • Our motive is Senior Engagement every day.
  • Our 24/7 support centre is manned with geriatric specialist nurses as their primary point of contact.
  • Occupational therapists are trained and certified on Geriatrics.
  • Supervised by Care Managers, who are doctor - certified.
  • We provide constant support to our clients by tracking, sending reminders and arranging doctor visits.
  • We have collaborated with geriatric specialized transport service provider, who will arrange transport services whenever necessary, which are supported by senior friendly staff and are wheelchair - enabled.
  • Our Market place platform makes available all products in one place that may be needed by elders in their daily life or in specific situations.
  • Market place is a go - to - place for care, diagnostic needs, medication refills, geriatric needs, home health, medical transportation etc.


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